As everyone’s focus turns to the spread and prevention of the Coronavirus, I thought it best to post on what more we can do to protect ourselves. Sally Fallon Morell, another one of my heroes, is the Founder of The Weston A. Price Foundation, co-author of Nourishing Traditions, and Co-Owner of P.A. Bowen Farmstead.

By Sally Fallon Morell

Coronavirus has been around a long time, and like any virus, it is no match for someone with a strong immune system. Here are ways you can bolster yours:

1. Vitamin A-rich foods: Vitamin A is our number one protection against viruses. So take your cod liver oil and eat liver about once a week.

2. Vitamin D: Vitamin D works with vitamin A to give us a strong immune system. Best sources are cod liver oil, egg yolks from pastured hens and lard from pigs raised outdoors.

3. Coconut Oil: The coronavirus is a lipid-coated virus that pegs out in the presence of medium-chain triglycerides — and coconut oil is our best source of these healthy fats.

4. Gelatin-rich Bone Broth: Supports the immune system and helps us detoxify.

5. Vitamin C: Your best source is fermented veggies like sauerkraut — there is ten times more vitamin C in sauerkraut than in fresh cabbage!

6. Saturated Fats: Coronavirus has an affinity for the lungs, and the lungs can’t work without saturated fats, so eat plenty of butter and avoid all industrial fats and oils.

Here’s to your good health!

Read Sally’s entire article…  And enjoy a podcast interview with her on this subject!


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We are all concerned about this fast-spreading virus. I share this information from Sally Fallon and that from Chef Monica in my previous post because I’m convinced we should invest in strengthening our immune system. This pandemic reinforces my desire to educate people on the significance that eating REAL food, reducing exposure to environmental toxins, sleep and movement play in our overall health and our ability to fight viruses.

This is a great time to begin making changes toward a robust immune system and healthier lifestyle.  Learn more how my services might help you in this quest!

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