March 5, 2021


What’s really in that pricey box of cereal you just bought?

Did you grow up eating cold cereal for breakfast like I did?  Perhaps you still do. When/where/how did this practice start? It began in the late 1800’s at the Battle Creek Sanitarium in Battle Creek, MI.  Dr. John Harvey Kellogg, renown doctor and medical innovator wanted to find something new for the patients to eat

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Another accidental food discovery that shaped our society? What now?

Soon after C. W. Post began marketing his Grape-Nuts in 1897, copycat brands began popping up by the dozens.  By the turn of the century, there were over 100 cereal companies in Battle Creek, MI. Will Kellogg was determined to enter the market.  But brother John would still have nothing to do with the idea.

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