More on Immune Support and Corona

Since posting my previous blog titled “Boosting Your Immune System” in which I provided suggestions from Sally Fallon’s 1st coronavirus blog, she has written two more blogs regarding coronavirus.  She highlights the importance of zinc, accidentally omitted in her first blog, and addresses comments and criticisms to her first blog.

According to Sally:  Zinc plays a critical role in the immune system—it is zinc that gives white blood cells their white color. Zinc is also a co-factor for vitamin A.  Raw milk is a pretty good source of highly absorbable zinc, but better sources are red meat and oysters. The admonition to eat lots of oysters for protection is very good advice.  Don’t like oysters?  Then I’d recommend a powdered oyster supplement, such as Oyster Max (enter the coupon code NT10 at checkout for a 10% discount). Oysters also supply vitamin B12, iodine and a host of minerals.

Speaking of zinc, a New York physician, Dr. Vladimir Zelenko claims a 100 percent success rate in treating seven hundred coronavirus patients using a combination of hydroxychloroquine sulfate (a type of malaria drug), azithromycin (a type of antibiotic, also called Z-Pak) and zinc sulfate.  The treatment costs twenty dollars and takes about five days.  According to Dr. Zelenko, the symptom of shortness of breath resolves in four to six hours. I don’t think the antibiotic is necessary for those on a Wise Traditions diet. I notice that both the hydroxychloroquine and the zinc are in sulfated forms and wonder whether the sulfur could have something to do with Dr, Zelenko’s success rate.”

She also explains about the testing method used and defends her statement, “the tests for corona virus are not good; whatever we are reading in the papers or hearing on the news about coronavirus should be interpreted with this fact in mind and pretty much makes all the statistics meaningless.”

Additionally, she refers to the possible correlation of the roll out 5G (which disrupts oxygen, including that of your cells) and the current outbreak.  “…5G bathes us in this frequency not for a few brief seconds, but 24/7. This explains the cases of people literally collapsing in the streets in Wuhan. Wuhan was the first Chinese city to roll out 5G.  The Princess line boasts state-of-the-art Wi-Fi, presumably 5G, throughout the ship. Kirkland, Washington, where the first coronavirus cases appeared in the U.S. was an early 5G location and home of a number of IT companies boasting about getting 5G inside buildings. 5G blankets northern Italy and parts of Spain and is now installed in many U.S. cities.  If 5G is the precipitating cause, many other factors may make people susceptible to respiratory disease, such as vaccinations (including mass vaccination campaigns in China and a ‘novel’ Italian influenza vaccine introduced in late 2019, known to increase susceptibility to coronavirus), exposure to toxins like diesel fumes from old vehicles (really a problem in many European cities) and jet fuel fumes (lots of cases in Brooklyn and the Bronx, near major NY airports), high intake of glyphosate in wheat and other foods, having metal in the body (from amalgam fillings, aluminum in vaccinations, pins, implants, etc.) smoking, taking statins or blood pressure medications–and the standard American diet.”

Lastly, she goes deep into the topic of contagion: “Is Coronavirus Contagious?”  She discusses the relationship of influenza to disturbances in electricity, using the book, The Invisible Rainbow, by Arthur Firstenberg. Firstenberg chronicles the history of electricity in the U.S. and throughout the world, and the outbreaks of illness that accompanied each step.  “As Firstenberg observes, ‘In each case—in 1889, 1918, 1957 and 1968—the electrical envelope of the earth. . . was suddenly and profoundly disturbed,’ and along with it the electrical circuits in the human body. Western medicine pays scant attention to the electrical nature of living things—plants, animals and humans—but mountains of evidence indicate that faint currents govern everything that happens in the body to keep us alive and healthy. From the coagulation of the blood, to energy production in the mitochondria, even to small amounts of copper in the bones, which create currents for the maintenance of bone structure—all can be influenced by the presence of electricity in the atmosphere, especially ‘dirty’ electricity, characterized by many overlapping frequencies and jagged changes in frequency and voltage. Today we know that each cell in the body has its own electrical grid, maintained by the highly structured water inside the cell membrane. Cancer occurs when this structure breaks down, and cancer has increased with each new development in the electrification of the earth.”

As part of her discussion on contagion, she explains the role of exosomes.  “Exosomes are particles released from the cell; they carry RNA, toxins and cellular debris in response to various insults (toxins, stress including fear, cancer, ionizing radiation, infection, injury, many diseases, immune response and asthma). A number of virologists agree with his conclusions that viruses are exosomes; they are the same size, the same shape, both carry RNA and both attach to the same receptors. These exosomes/viruses are the result and not the cause of illness, with primary roles of coagulation, intercellular signaling and excretion of waste materials. If 5G, by overloading the body’s electrical circuitry and by high-jacking oxygen, causes injury to the lung cells, then an increased production of exosomes (wrongly called viruses) is sure to be the result…”

I am not saying that Sally Fallon nor anyone else I refer to here have the answers.  But I am grateful to the WAPF and people such as Sally Fallon, Tom Cowan and many others who are delving into the research and sharing their perspective.

I am very passionate about seeking the truth and letting it be known.  My prayer is that the truth would be made known and that we would have open minds and hearts to hear the truth, accept our responsibility in creating such a toxic world, and work toward making our own environment and the world around us less toxic, as we work together toward getting through this health crisis and moving on.

Sally latest blogs can be found here.  There is a lot of good information in all of them.

And I just mentioned Tom Cowan.  I highly recommend listening to Wise Traditions Podcast #235 with Tom Cowan.  He shares his perspective of the world and our current crisis.  He goes into great detail on how test should be developed according to medical standards yet how (not why) these standards were not followed in this case and in like cases.  Although the information that he and Sally provide overlap, I highly recommend both.

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