The quick fix diet isn’t working. How about a more sustainable solution?

I bet you’d like a quick fix to slimming down and feeling fit…

or to finding a solution to your chronic constipation, indigestion, back pain, seasonal allergies, autoimmune issues, or achy joints caused by inflammation and carrying a few extra pounds.

You’ve explored different diets that are out there Keto, Paleo, Whole 30, FODMAP, Mediterranean, intermittent fasting, Vegetarian, Vegan, Weight Watchers,…

You hoped this one would be your silver bullet.

You tried it for a while. Either it didn’t help or it helped some but was not sustainable long term.

Ryan has always loved sports and exercise and considered himself healthy. Yet at age 32, he felt overweight and lethargic, and had joint pain due to inflammation.

Being a pastor, husband and dad, he needed to find a “cure” for these aches and pains so that he could fulfill these roles – roles that he’s deeply passionate about.

So, he dabbled with the keto diet. He felt great on it because he was getting rid of a lot toxins and the inflammation subsided; he was happy with his weight. But the logistics of following this diet were not sustainable. Hence, he gradually stopped.

Keto is good for quick rebounds, but it is super restrictive…it can leave you feeling very intolerant to carbs. Just a few makes you feel like a balloon filled with water.Ryan M.

Most diets are the same way. You must adhere to a regimen. This becomes too difficult and you give up.

What’s more, when you try to follow the diet’s regimen, you’re discounting your individuality and relying on a so called “expert” to tell you what you need without him or her knowing anything about you.

You’re missing a key factor to your success: your own wisdom and intuition.

There is great merit in many of these diets and we can glean great information about individual foods and how the body works.

So, glean from them, but stop abdicating control, power and authority of your health to someone else.

Little do we recognize we’ve done this.

We’ve given control of our ability to decide and make judgments concerning our health and well being to supposed experts.

Thanks to Big Pharma, Big Ag, the corporate food industry, government regulatory agencies and their powerful advertising campaigns, we’ve been conditioned to think someone else has the answer.

We’ve come to believe there are markers for how many calories to eat; how many carbs, fats and proteins to eat; how much we should weigh; and what our Body Mass Index (BMI), ideal Blood Pressure & cholesterol level should be.

Not only are our needs unique from others, but our own needs for nutrition, exercise, rest, etc vary from season to season, from day to day, from being stressed and over-worked to being relaxed,...

Little do we realize how far we’ve strayed from knowing how to connect with our own bodies and to listen to our innate, internal, God-given wisdom to fulfill these needs.

Throughout our lives our bodies go through cycles of building up and cleansing.

There is a daily building/cleansing cycle, a seasonal one and ‘as-it-is-necessary’ ones which occur at any time.

For building itself your body needs very different nutrients from those needed for cleansing. In general, animal foods build and plant foods cleanse.1

Only your body knows what it needs at every moment of your life.2

Both in my classes and with my one-on-one clients, the focus is on individuality.

We learn to trust ourselves.

When Ryan heard I teach this concept in my 5-Week Sugar Detox Class, he was eager to sign up.

He could now begin learning a sustainable method to meet his weight and fitness goals.

In my class, we learn what foods make us feel our best – alert, thinking well, with energy to serve God as we so desire.

We learn what REAL food is. Food that God gave us, prepared in a way that suits our physiology…the way He made us.

No highly processed, adulterated foods.

i.e. Almost nothing from a can, box or package. NO industrial oils (aka: canola, corn, cottonseed, safflower, soy, sunflower) NO microwave….

These fake foods to which we are so accustomed to eating and depending on are intentionally laced with chemicals that are highly addictive and make us want them more and more.

This suppresses our innate intelligence and desire for REAL foods that would bring us greater satisfaction and better health if we gave them a chance.

There is no way that man knows more what we need than God does. All these products just mentioned are man’s invention, him trying to improve on what God gave us.

That’s impossible. God’s work doesn’t need fixing and His work cannot be improved upon.

He designed out bodies with intricacy and intelligence. At the same time he designed the foods on the planet for our pleasure, enjoyment and nourishment.

Our bodies innately know what foods to choose for particular needs when freed from modern, industrialized foods and eating only REAL food.

I am reclaiming my innate, God-given intelligence to know what my body needs.

I have been freed from the highly industrialized, processed food industry for over a decade.

I know I need more animal protein than I often afforded myself in the past. I used to deny myself what my body was telling me I needed because I thought I shouldn’t be eating that much meat.

Now, I mostly have equal amounts of veggies and meat, with ample fat.

But every day is different. One day may be heavier on the meat and another, heavier on the veggies. The needed fat can vary from day to day.

In listening to my body on a daily basis, I have the energy to keep going throughout the day and to balance two part-time jobs. I have joy to be alive and I see every encounter I have with someone as a precious gift from God.

I can look at my glass (my circumstances) as half full versus half empty.

Alana S, on the other hand, found that she needs more carbohydrates to feel better. She cut out all grains in favor of a high-fat diet. Instead of losing weight, she was gaining weight and just not feeling right.

Upon checking her blood, the doctor told her she was pre-diabetic and needed to cut her carbs. She told him there was nothing left to cut but broccoli and other non-starchy vegetables.

At that point, she consulted with another doctor who asked her to recall a time when she felt healthy and right, and to return to what she was eating at that time in her life. 

So she added whole grains back to her diet; she ate less meat and less fat, but did not cut them out completely. Her weight and her blood sugar returned to normal, and her overall health improved.

* * * * * * *

If you are ready to find a more sustainable path to your weight and fitness goals, book your free 30-Minute Discovery Call now.

Let’s recognize the diets and remedies you’ve tried that neglected to account for your individuality.

And let me help you reconnect with your innate intelligence.

I don’t promise you a quick fix. But I do promise you all the support and encouragement needed to make lasting, long-term changes.

(Let’s be honest, chronic issues don’t have quick fixes.)

Let’s figure out a better solution to the chronic constipation, indigestion, back pain, seasonal allergies, autoimmune issues, or achy joints caused by inflammation and carrying a few extra pounds.

Let’s work together to overcome the years of misguided information we’ve received from Big Pharma, Big Ag, the corporate food industry, and government regulatory agencies.

Their goal is profit and control…at the great expense of our health.

I look back over the past 50 years and see how they’ve been proven wrong when it comes to telling us we should cut out salt and saturated fat, we need to lower our cholesterol, raw milk is dangerous, and sunscreen is a must.

I don’t trust them.

They are no longer an “expert” in my mind.

I am the expert when it comes to my own body and health and you are the expert when it comes to yours.

Learn what works best for you like Alana and I did.

Take your health into your own hands.

Get to know the nutrient dense foods that God so graciously gave us.

And get to know what your body needs.

Let us build the temple that God created in us so that we may serve Him better.

The quality of nutrition plays a big factor in how we feel and how quickly our bodies can heal.” Ryan M.

Peace and grace,


1Purves W, Sadava D, Orians G and Heller C. 2004 . Life: The Science of Biology, 7th Edition. Sunderland, MA: Sinauer.

2Campbell-McBride N. 2020. Gut and Physiology Syndrome. Medinform Publishing.

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Enjoy these favorite dishes. 
Simple, nutrient dense recipes that will leave you feeling well-nourished and deeply satisfied.
Plus monthly REAL food tips & inspiration right to your inbox!
Simply sign up with your name and email address!