What is another tool for enjoying God’s bounty and goodness?

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Do you seek pleasure in eating?


I know I write extensively about what’s wrong with our modern-day food system and all that we should be avoiding.

BUT truly I believe food is to be enjoyed. 

This is one reason why the RESTART rule resonates with me.

The rule states:

I choose it consciously.  When you take RESTART, you learn “no more mindless eating.”  We consciously choose what we eat, and we eat mindfully.

Making conscious decisions helps us plan meals and snacks and make better choices.  We avoid grabbing the first thing we see because we are ravenously hungry and have nothing prepared.  We avoid eating just to go along with the crowd or snacking just because the food is in sight.

Eating mindfully helps us be in the necessary parasympathetic state for digesting our food.

I enjoy it thoroughly.  This is where the pleasure comes in.  God gave us a wealth of good foods for us to enjoy.  So, let us be mindful as we eat and enjoy them.

I write this as a single person, who eats by herself more often than not.  But I believe that in addition to giving us food to fuel and nourish our bodies, God gave us food that we might enjoy fellowship with one another.  So, let us enjoy the pleasure of sharing a meal with others whenever possible.

And then I let it go.  For those times when you feel you did not make a wise choice, just let it go and move on.  Remember decisions simply produce feedback which we can use to learn, grow, and make more decisions.  So, use the feedback for the future.

With RESTART we do away with any guilt and regret that you might associate with eating, once and for all.

*    *    *    *    *

Applying this rule raises our awareness of our food choices and our reactions to what we eat.  It can also raise our awareness of when we are choosing to eat to satisfy a non-food craving – anxiety, depression, loneliness, or the like.

Awareness enables us to make more conscious choices, choices that will better serve us.

Nutrition is not the only factor in health, but it is one of the most important factors.  The macro and micronutrients found in food provide us the basic building blocks our bodies need.

One size does not fit all.  We each have unique needs when it comes to these macro and micronutrients to feel and perform our best.

This is one more benefit of taking RESTART and following the RESTART rule.  You learn what you need, what works for you and what does not serve you when it comes to food, nutrition, and other habits.

*    *    *    *    *

In all circumstances, we have choices.  We are responsible for our decisions.  We can make conscious decisions or allow them to be made by default.  Either way we are choosing.

So why not be proactive and choose what best suits you and your individual needs?

Take the RESTART Rule, put it in your toolbox and start using it today.  Use it as a tool for making healthy choices for you and your family.  Use it as a means of practicing making conscious decisions, enjoying God’s bounty, and eating mindfully.

And if you have not taken my 5-Week Sugar Detox Program yet, or are ready to reset again, go to my RESTART page and sign up for my next Session. 

The group support and camaraderie found in this class is invaluable.  It will help you get beyond any inhibitions you may be having.  It will help you leave the ease of continuing in your comfort zone, and dive into commitment and determination to make those seemingly difficult changes.

Bon appetite!

Peace and grace,


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Enjoy these favorite dishes.  Including my nutrient dense, nourishing ice cream recipe.
Plus monthly REAL food tips & inspiration right to your inbox!
Simply sign up with your name and email address!