What’s that warm, breakfast aroma emanating from your kitchen?

We often hear it said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day or that we should not skip breakfast.

Actually, it is impossible to skip breakfast in the strict sense of the word.  Breakfast is breaking fast.  So, whenever we choose to first eat during the day, we are eating breakfast.

When YOU break your overnight fast, should be based on what suits YOUR needs.  We are all bio-individual.

What is important is that breakfast is a properly prepared, nutrient-dense meal.

Breakfast is the perfect place to start when transitioning to a REAL food diet.  Instead of worrying about doing a complete overall of your diet and lifestyle, consider changing a few things.  Consider choosing one meal of the day, and replacing some less-than-optimal foods and habits with some more beneficial ones.

Starting the day eating REAL food and getting a proper balance of fats, proteins and carbohydrates is important.  Doing so will satisfy us and give us long lasting energy for the day. No more running to the vending machine or the cupboard or the fridge mid-morning to address the hunger, cravings or blood sugar dip.

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So, what would be a properly prepared, nutrient dense breakfast?

How about porridge (soaked overnight, of course) with ample fat?  (Ample fat being butter or cream, sufficient to slow down the absorption of the glucose and prevent any blood sugar spike or imbalance and to satisfy one’s individual needs.)  Add an egg or a slice of bacon if you feel you need a little more protein.

Or what about leftovers from the night before?

Did you know these were typical breakfasts in the colonial days, especially amongst the working class

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Need some more ideas?  How about the following?

  • Eggs cooked to your liking with vegetables (raw and/or cooked vegetables, any fresh salad, sauerkraut, etc.), along with some sausage or bacon, if desired. Sausage and bacon are easy to cook foods for breakfast. Make sure you have pure meat sausages or bacon, without any filler, sugars, sweeteners, MSG or other chemicals or preservatives. You can also make your own sausage.
  • Any meat with vegetables and/or
  • Sausage or vegetable frittata; ghee, butter, or coconut oil; fresh fruit or salad
  • Creamed soups (carrot, cauliflower, broccoli,…) with LOTS of fat and optional egg yolks whisked in and/or fermented brine or kvass stirred in (make sure that soup is not too hot when adding egg yolk or kvass)
  • Salmon, cold or warm, with a vegetable, salad or lentils
  • Lentils or beans with eggs
  • Homemade soup (my absolute favorite breakfast 😊) with egg yolk whisked in
  • Any other foods you might have previously thought were limited to lunch or dinner

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For when you are on the go, consider:

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So, this your challenge for the week.  Look at how you can start making your breakfast a properly prepared, nutrient dense meal.

And see how you feel.   Make note of your energy levels, cravings and mood the rest of the day.

Post a comment and let me know how it goes or if you have any questions.

Peace and grace,


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Enjoy these favorites.  Including my nutrient dense, nourishing ice cream recipe.
Plus monthly REAL food tips & inspiration right to your inbox!

Simply sign up with your name and email address!